MegaPlast meets Kiehl’s products through their new Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate, as preferred packaging. Here follows the press release from MegaPlast:

This prize-winning serum (it took home the Prix d’Excellence de la Beauté Marie Claire 2015 in France) offers plumping properties and intensive 72-hour hydration in a concentrated formula designed to treat age-related symptoms of dehydration. Because of its fragile formula, which contains no parabens, fragrance or wax, an airless package was essential, and as such, Kiehl’s called on Mega Airless to provide the packaging for the 75ml version, launched this summer.

Industrial challenges
Optimizing the filling process for such a delicate formula was a real challenge for Mega Airless’ US arm. Its Mezzo dispenser was thankfully perfect for the job, as it has a wide opening with no neck, offering optimum filling conditions and therefore making the process quicker and meaning almost no product is wasted during the operation.
An added bonus was that Mega Airless’ operations in the US – headquarters, product development and packaging production by Mega Pumps, as well as its short delivery times – meant that the company was able to optimize time-to-market.

Offering aesthetics with Mezzo
Representatives of the brand said they very much appreciated Mega Airless’ Mezzo range because of its strength as well as its design and ergonomics. The container was decorated with screen printing, using two passes.

About Mega Airless
For more than 30 years, Mega Airless has been providing 100% airless packaging for the biggest global beauty and pharmacy brands, and currently holds 30 active patents in the domain. In its factories in Germany and the US, Mega Airless works from A to Z, offering mold manufacturing, injection and assembly as well as decoration capabilities.