Efficacy testing cosmetics, proof of the cosmetic claims and protection for the consumer by BEAUTYLAB.

The new Regulations oblige cosmetic manufactures to prove their cosmetic claims. The services provided are:

  • preliminary tests for formulation efficacy control and improvement
  • in-vitro, ex-vivo and in-vivo studies,
  • standard assays and designing innovative protocols to support specialized claims,
  • in use tests in a panel of volunteers
  • patch tests, clinical tests and dermatological control
  • microbiological tests

BEAUTYLAB is equipped with modern, state of the art scientific instruments and medical devices, for skin and edema studies, measurements and validations, such as:

skin elasti-meter

skin moisture-meter

skin wrinkle-meter

skin sebum-meter

In that way, we can monitor and evaluate the characteristics and the effectiveness of the formulations, in real application conditions using objective protocols on panels of volunteers, obtaining and reassuring the desired results.

This is a unique tool in our R&D procedures in new product development as well as modification and improvement of existing formulations, enabling us to succeed on proofing the requested, targeted claims.

Moreover, the preliminary cosmetic efficacy tests, ensure the successful results of final efficacy tests in-vitro, ex-vivo and in-vivo studies, that substantiate the claim proof and proceed under our supervision in our partnered European Institutions and Universities.