Beautylab is cosmetics’ packaging supplier.

Offers carefully selected packaging for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, which stand out for their quality and aesthetics. Represents and distributes reliable European companies such as APTAR VILLINGEN, NEOPAC, PREMI, VERVE, and supports its customers with  know-how and experience, specialized and customized proposals, specifications of high standards. Our producers meet the highest expectations and are at the forefront of technology, safety, innovation and ecological sustainability. We offer  a wide variety of packaging from materials such as glass, PET, PP, PE, as well as from recycled raw materials ( PCR ).

There is a large inventory of packages in stock, to meet the needs in large or even small quantities and immediate delivery.

  • airless dispensers,
  • tubes,
  • jars,
  • bottles,
  • roll-ons,
  • color cosmetics packaging (powders, mascaras, lip sticks),
  • droppers,
  • pharmaceutical amber glass vials.
Glass Bottles
Cylindrical Bottles
Gyalina Vaza
Grecalle Bottles